Vista: Sales

Metropark Vista Sales begins with a tremendously powerful Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool which manages all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Metropark Vista Sales provides a centralized system for managing sales activities, from lead nurturing to closing deals.

Metropark Vista Sales helps you track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over time and detect trends, get data about your lead sources to evaluate how your marketing campaigns are doing and analyze your opportunities pipeline.  In addition, your catalog of Products and Services which can be sold to your customers is also listed in Metropark Vista Sales.  


    This is where your sales employees will spend much of their time each day.

      • Attack List
        A list of each employee’s hot or working prospects being “attacked”
      • Daily Activity
        A list of points assessed by each employee based on actual sales work completed.
      • Leads
        A master list of company leads that may or may not be assigned yet.  A lead can be assigned to a telemarketer than passed to a sales rep when an appointment is made.
      • Pipeline
        A KanBan view of propsects being courted for each sales employee for easy management.


      • Quotations
        A list of all draft and created quotes sent to customer.
      • Orders
        Once a quote is confirmed a sales, the quote will be changed to an Order and listed here.
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    tablet displaying metropark vista interface