The Vista Home Page

Metropark Vista Home is where your favorites will show up for easy navigation around Vista. Also, you can manage contacts, notes, calendar, email, and chat with other workers or customers from the Home page.

The Top Bar shows the Home module is active with the blue color.  These colors can be be changed to match your company’s colors.

On the Side Bar your company’s logo will be shown at the top of the sidebar, followed by a list of favorites.


    Each user can choose there own favorite Vista apps by pressing the star next to each app’s link anywhere throughout mpVista.

    The Favorites area is very beneficial for employees who work in multiple areas of the business.  Having quick access to each needed area increases productivity and ease of use for each worker.


    Below the Favorites area shows the employee’s Agenda.  Here each employee will use the Agenda in three ways.

      • Calendar
        The calendar can ‘sync’ with Microsoft Outlook and be shared with other employees.
      • Activity
        This is where all of the employees scheduled activities are listed and managed.
      • Chat
        Vista Chat allows employees to chat with each other, with public and private groups, and with visitors to your business website.


      • Wiki
        Vista provides an internal searchable company “website type” area for education and orientation of staff.
    MP Vista initial logo
    tablet displaying metropark vista interface