Vista: Inventory

Metropark Vista Inventory allows you to keeping track of inventory which is crucial for businesses as it ensures efficient management of resources, helps prevent stockouts or overstocking, and aids in maintaining optimal cash flow. Accurate inventory tracking enables your business to meet customer demand promptly, reducing the risk of lost sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, it provides valuable insights into sales trends and inventory turnover, facilitating better decision-making and strategic planning. Effective inventory management also minimizes waste and reduces holding costs, contributing to improved profitability and overall business sustainability.


    This is where your warehouse and fullfillment employees will manage stock.

      • Transfers
        Fill PO receipts and assign destination locations
      • Stock Moves
        A list of products and its move lines
      • Inventory Adjustments
        A list of products adjusted in counts
      • Scrap
        A list of products and its new scrap location
      • Run Scheduler
        Vista tries to reserve the available stock to fulfill the existing pickings and verify if some reordering rules
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    tablet displaying metropark vista interface