Vista: Manufacturing

Metropark Vista Manufacturing is crucial for manufacturing businesses as it integrates various functions such as inventory management, production planning, supply chain coordination, and financial tracking into a unified platform. Metropark Vista Manufacturing enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves decision-making by providing real-time data and analytics. Vista loves to help manufacturers streamline processes, ensure better quality control, and respond swiftly to market changes, ultimately boosting productivity and competitiveness in a complex, fast-paced industry.


      • In a repair order, you can detail the components you remove, add or replace and record the time you spent on the different operations. The repair order uses the warranty date on the Serial Number in order to know if whether the repair should be invoiced to the customer or not.


      • Manufacturing Order
      • Unbuild Orders
      • Scrap Orders

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      • Tcaceability: Lots
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