Vista: Purchases

Metropark Vista Purchases provides an easy platform for ordering items from other vendors. Only selected people can create Purchase Orders inside Vista, but most can use Purchase Requests to let the Purchasing team know of items that are needed.  Products, Vendors, and easy contacting of Vendors also are listed in Metropark Vista Purchases.


    This is where your sales ordering and fullfillment employees will managing incoming products.

      • Purchase Orders
        A list PO Numbers with the order date, vendor, amounts and scheduled dates
      • Purchase Reqs
        A list of items that other employees have “Requested” for stocking or purchase.
      • Vendors
        A list of authorized vendors who can provide company products
      • Products
        A list of all products, SKU, and pricing amounts
      • Numbers
        A searchable list of all vendors with an easy to see phone number and contact name
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    tablet displaying metropark vista interface